Top Tools to Use to Reap Big In Bitcoineer

Many people who invest in bitcoin buy them through a Bitcoin exchange, which can be done anonymously with no verification process required other than an email address (though this is not recommended for privacy reasons). If you have some spare money and are considering investing in Bitcoineer, then look at these ten tools to help you reap big profits.

1. Candlesticks

This is not just a tool to see how the price of one bitcoin is moving but also a way to form an opinion over big moves. A moving average (MA) is a technical analysis tool that smooth’s out the swings in the price of a currency by comparing the closing prices for a specified period.

2. Bitcointalk forum

You will find a lot of specialized trading chat rooms on the Bitcointalk forums where people share information and opinions on Bitcoin trading and technical analysis methods. The thread with the most posts is often considered the best place to start researching Bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin charts

You can use Bitcoin charts to view current and historical Bitcoin prices in a chart format, similar to what you would find on a stock market exchange.

4. Bitcoin price history

These tools may make it difficult to see exactly what effect your investment has had over time. Using Bitcoin price history, you can track whether you have done well or not by looking back at prices over time.


5. Bitcoin calculator

A Bitcoin calculator is a handy tool to determine how many bitcoin you must invest to reach a specific amount of money within a given period.

6. BTC data

BTC data displays the transaction, block, and network statistics of the Bitcoin network. You can find detailed information on the number of daily transactions and their worth in USD or BTC value when they were processed.

7. Bitcoin converter

Bitcoin have become more valuable over time, but you can find many currencies converted into BTC (bitcoin).

8. Bitcoin faucet

If you are looking for something less serious, then try Bitcoin faucets. These websites will give away free micro bitcoin to help you get started and learn how Bitcoin works from the user’s perspective.

9. Bitcoin ATM map

There is one Bitcoin ATM in use for every 13,000 people in most parts of the world, meaning there are about 1,000 machines around the globe. However, more ATMs are being added monthly, which will only increase over time.


Most people investing in Bitcoineer want to make easy money. They then wait for the price to go up, but this is not as simple as it might seem. You need to do your best research before investing your money, which suggests using these tools to help.