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Expat Essentials | 8 Reasons Expats Should Learn Chinese | Expat Blogs

Expat Blogs | 8 Reasons Why Expats Should Learn Some Chinese Before Relocating To China

Anny Lu, Language Consultant at the Asian Language School, has some useful advice for prospective expats on the value of learning some Chinese language skills before you move to China, and how you can learn Mandarin online.
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Expat Blogs | 5 Tips To Develop Your Child’s Chinese Language Skills

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS) is known globally for its Chinese language and studies program. Here, Janie Dong from YCIS gives advice to expat parents on how they can help and support their children in their learning of Mandarin.
Expat Essentials | Why Expats Find It So Hard To Learn Mandarin | Expat Blogs

Expat Blogs | Why Expats Find It So Hard To Learn Mandarin

Lily Jin is an experienced Mandarin teacher who has taught expats in international schools in Shanghai for many years. Lily shares with us her thoughts on why expats find it hard to learn Mandarin, and some tips on how to improve your learning of Chinese.
Expat Essentials | Learning Mandarin | Expat Blogs

Expat Blogs | Learning Mandarin As An Expat

Steve Jackson is a fluent Mandarin speaker, and he shares with us his experiences of learning the language as an expat, and how being a speaker of Chinese enhanced his time living in Beijing and Shanghai.