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Expat Essentials | Guide to Expat Health During Summer in Shanghai | Expat Blogs

Expat Blogs | Heat, Humidity and Health in Shanghai

Doris Rathgeber, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and podiatrist Vaishali Patel from Body and Soul Medical Clinic in Shanghai offer expats some advice on how best to deal with the city's heat and humidity.
Expat Essentials | What Expats Need To Survive Shanghai | Expat Blogs

Expat Blogs | The Tools Expats Need To Deal With Shanghai

Bibiana, a holistic psychologist at Body and Soul Medical Clinics in Shanghai, shares with us some of the ways expats can prepare themselves for a move to the city, as well as some coping mechanisms and strategies for surviving life in Shanghai and China.
Beijing | Health Services | Expat Essentials

Beijing | Soft Landing | Health Services

Our Beijing relocation guide lists the best hospitals and dentists in the city for expats, as well as information on how to obtain a health certificate.
Shanghai | Healthcare | Expat Essentials

Shanghai | Soft Landing | Healthcare

Our Shanghai relocation guide helps expats who are relocating to the city to understand the healthcare options that are available for them and their families, including information on food safety, drinking water and insurance.
Hong Kong | Health and Beauty | Expat Essentials

Hong Kong | Living the Life | Hair and Beauty

The Body Shop With over 50 stores in Hong Kong, this British chain is hugely popular for its fragrances, skin care, bath products and more, as well as its environmental...
Singapore | Health and Beauty | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Living the Life | Hair and Beauty

Our expat relocation guide will show you Singapore's leading health and beauty spots, including hairdressers and nail salons.
Singapore | Healthcare | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Soft Landing | Healthcare

Our relocation guide describes the healthcare options that are available for expatriates in Singapore, including public and private hospitals, clinics, GPs and dentists.
Hong Kong Expat Health and Wellbeing

Hong Kong | Preparations | Health Preparations

Our relocation guides tell you all you need to know the health preparations required before moving with you and your family to Hong Kong.
Singapore | Health Preparations | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Health Preparations

Our Singapore relocation guide describes the health preparations you and your family need to make before moving to the city, including vaccinations, prescriptions and health records.