Singapore is widely considered to be the best country in Asia for professional women to relocate to and work in.  This was borne out by a report by Global Professionals on the Move issued in March 2011, in which 100% of the 2,637 women from 85 countries who were surveyed reported that they preferred living and working in Singapore to anywhere else in the region (fifth overall in the world).  Overwhelmingly, respondents suggested that it is a combination of the professional culture and the lifestyle on offer that makes the city such an attractive destination for working women.

Singapore’s generous tax system of course plays its part in making it such a desirable location in which to work, as does the fact that the majority of working women relocating to Singapore will also be receiving an increase in salary and enhanced position or role, but it is also the overall culture of Singapore companies that many professional women find so appealing.  Singapore prides itself on being an international, forward-thinking city and as such firms are used to welcoming workers from around the globe, and to educated, experienced professional women from abroad assuming positions of responsibility.  Singapore was voted third in the Ministerial Best Practices in Business and Government Partnerships Advancing Women Award at the Global Summit of Women 2009 and has taken positive steps to promote good practice amongst employers, unions and the wider community.  All of this means that most professional women, at all levels, find that the transition into a new company or role in Singapore is generally straightforward and relatively stress-free.

The variety of lifestyles on offer in the city also makes it attractive – there is something for everyone and you can live life at any pace you choose.  For the young, single woman, life in Singapore can be vibrant and exciting and, with 42% of the city’s population being made up of expatriates and overseas students, there is ample opportunity to meet and make friends with people from all around the world.  There is a thriving bar and restaurant culture, a multitude of sporting and social clubs with which to get involved and, with Singapore being Asia’s leading travel hub, it makes a good base from which to explore the rest of the region and beyond quickly and easily.  Many young professional women find that relocating to Singapore opens up opportunities for networking, socialising and travel that may be out of their reach at home.

In addition, those with families and children are also extremely well catered for.  There is an abundance of high quality, family style housing, top-notch educational establishments, an enormous range of family-friendly attractions and sites, as well as ready-made networks of like-minded professionals from around the globe (see our listing of professional women’s associations below).  Further, for working women help with the home and children is readily available and affordable, which makes juggling the demands of work and home easier, leaving more time both for career and personal development.

It is of course also the case that Singapore has a very low crime rate and is a very safe city for women to live and travel unaccompanied.

Overall, Singapore is a country in which expatriate women are well represented in the professions, commerce, and industry, and many hold senior managerial positions or are running their own thriving businesses, which means that professional women relocating to the city can and should expect to be valued, respected and welcomed.

Professional Women’s Associations in Singapore

American Women’s Association

6734 4895

Federation of Business and Professional Women Singapore

6756 6388

Financial Women’s Association of Singapore

Indian Women’s Association

9339 5658

International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry

6749 9547

PrimeTime – Business and Professional Women’s Association

6234 0973

Scandinavian Women’s Association

9168 0745

Singapore Business and Professional Women’s Association

6220 6867

Spanish Speaking Women’s Association

9712 9948

Swedish Women’s Educational Association

9625 2450

Women’s Business Connection

6846 1686

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