As a country with a colonial past and a long history of immigration, as well as a passion for good food, cuisines from around the world have always been a part of life in Singapore. Today, this means many things—as well as the top-class international chefs who come here to set up fine dining, top-end restaurants, international influences can be felt throughout the culinary scene. Small, chic new restaurants, offering the latest fashion in food open frequently, as Singaporeans, particularly the young, are always keen to explore new tastes and styles.

There are of course well-established favourites with long histories and well-established reputations, but these sit side-by-side with new and adventurous establishments that are at the cutting edge of international cuisine, as well as buffet-style restaurants that enable you to enjoy a variety of cuisines at once. Therefore it’s possible to experience old-world, colonial-style menus, traditional French provincial cooking, classic Italian cuisine, the latest small plate tapas experience, or new developments in regional Asian cooking in Singapore, both in fine dining, old-world silver service restaurants, as well as in hip back-street joints that seem to spring up out of nowhere.

For the dedicated foodie, it sometimes seems hard to keep up with every new development that takes place in the Singapore food scene, but this vibrant culinary world is why so many established and up-and-coming chefs and restauranteurs make for Singapore.


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