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For expats new to Shenzhen, finding good quality food will no doubt be a priority. Our relocation guide lists supermarkets and speciality food stores across the city that offer a wide range of local and imported foods.

Ole Supermarket

Floor B2Holiday Plaza9028 Shennan Da Dao

Shop B48, The MixC, 1881 Bao’an Nan Lu, Luohu


No.8 Taizi Road, Bitao Center, Shekou, Nanshan

G/F Friendship Building, Longgang Commercial District, Longgang

G/F You Yong Te Li Building, Pinghu, Longgang

No.2001 Jiefang Rd, B1/F Sun Plaza, Dongmen, Luohu


Lujing Village Crossroad between Fuqiang Road and No.3 Xinzhou Street, Futian

Wal-Mart Supercenter

Sihai Gas Station Right, Shekou Industry Road


King Glory Plaza B2 Floor, No. 018, Renmin South Road, Luohu

Sam’s Club

SZITIC Shopping Center, crossway of Qiaoxiang Roadand Nonglin Road, Futian

City Shop

Coastal Rose Garden, Wanghai Rd, Shekou

Interchange of Wanghai Rd and jinshiji Rd, Shekou

Silver Palate

Interchange of Wanghai Rd and jinshiji Rd, Shekou

No.18, Phase 2, Coastal Rose Garden, Wanghai Rd, Shekou


No. 268, Fuhua San Rd, Futian

Metro Cash & Carry

Bldg4,No. 266 , European City, Sha He Dong Rd

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Online Learning for Expats