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Eat Drink Man Woman

Ang Lee (1993)
Starring Sihung Lung and Yu-wen Wang

A great movie that deals with the generation gap in China through its portrayal of the single father of three unwed daughters.

Empire of the Sun

Steven Spielberg (1987)
Starring Christian Bale, John Malkovich and Miranda Richardson

The story of a boy whose life is turned upside down by the Japanese invasion of Shanghai.

The Last Emperor

Bernardo Bertolucci (1987)
Starring John Lone, Joan Chen and Peter O’Toole

A dramatic history of Pu Yi, the last emperor of China

Code 46

Michael Winterbottom (2003)
Starring Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton

A dark, Orwellian sci-fi thriller set in the near future with Shanghai as the backdrop.

Jasmine Flower

Hou Yong (2004)

The tale of three generations of Shanghai women.

Shanghai Triad

Zhang Yimou (1995)

A gangster film set in 1930s Shanghai. This is Shanghai’s version of The Godfather.

Suzhou River

Lou Ye (2000)

A very surreal tale of lust and lost love set in poor, industrial Shanghai.

To Live

Zhang Yimou (1994)
Starring Ge You and Gong Li

Some say this is the best movie ever made about China. It portrays a Chinese family reduced to peasantry during the Cultural Revolution. Be sure to watch it before you arrive, as it has been banned in China.

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