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Shanghai BJJ Club

Big and friendly Brazilian jiu-jitsu club which also offers Muay Thai, MMA and other courses for the brave of heart.

Unit 404, 4/F, Building 2, 427 Jumen Lu, by Xietu Lu
137 0163 3802

Oz Body Fit

Specialises in Muay Thai but also has yoga and fitness sessions; a friendly, focused club.

Room 102, 1/F, 717 Huaian Lu, by Changhua Lu
6288 5278

Longwu International Kung Fu Center

Long-established martial arts studio in a bilingual environment offering including longwu kung fu, wushu, kung fu, tai chi, shaolin, wing chun, tae kwon do, karate, boxing and kickboxing.

Mon-Fri 7-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9pm
1 Maoming Lu, by Julu Lu
6287 1528

Club Hero

Hardcore fitness centre with Muay Thai, MMA and boxing among their many courses. They employ professional trainers, including former Muay Thai champions and black belt jiu-jitsu coaches.

977 Hongqiao Lu, inside Zhongshan Shopping Center
6281 8280

Victor Kung Fu

Group and private lessons in various traditional martial arts including weapons training, Sanda, personal self-defence courses as well as tai chi.

Pudong: Xinhe Garden, T11-302, 69 Huangyang Lu, by Biyun Lu, Jinqiao
3390 3327

Alavanca Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Academy

A Brazilian jiu-jitsu club with professional trainers and a focus on ground fighting.

161, Bldg 3, Lane 996 Hongqiao Lu, by Kaixuan Lu
6124 3752

Shanghai Mandinga Capoeira Club

Welcoming club for all levels of the thrilling dance/martial art form of capoeira.

Mon-Fri 8:10pm-9:40pm, Sat 4-6pm
3/F, 358 Yan’an Xi Lu, by Nanjing Xi Lu
137 6116 4307

Wushu-Taekwondo Training Center

A mix of the two Asian martial arts that combines cardio and fighting technique in a friendly club.

Mon-Fri 7-8:30pm, Sat-Sun 4-5:30pm
64 Wulumuqi Lu, by Hengshan Lu
5496 1277

Golden Gloves Boxing Gym

No-nonsense boxing facility which specialises in training participants of all skill levels for the very popular bi-annual charity Brawl on the Bund event.

Mon-Fri 4-10pm, Sat 10am-5pm
16/F, 68 Xinqiao Lu, by Xinzha Lu
5171 7517

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