Importance of permanent residence to a family member

Permanent residency is the document that grants permanent residence to live in a documented manner and with legal status in the specified country. They may initially grant it for two years or extend its benefits for 10 years.  After a decade, it is necessary to renew it or start the citizenship process if the applicant meets the requirements.Submitting your PR application in Singapore need not be so difficult. Get professional assistance here. If you want one you can go to the official website and there you can get PR easily just by following instructions.

Living with legal status in any country makes all the difference.  Permanent residents of the country not only have the security that they cannot be deported, but they also have access to benefits that improve their stay and that of their family members.

getting the PR

There are many benefits of having a PR:

1) You can apply for citizenship

Possessing a PR opens the doors to the country’s citizenship.  Those who have been permanent residents for 5 years or more can start the naturalization process if they meet requirements such as:

To be 18 years old or more;  have resided in the same state or district for 3 months before starting the citizenship process or have been physically present in that particular country for at least 30 months in the 5 years immediately before the date the application is processed.

In addition to meeting the residency requirements, the applicant must pass the civics and history test and the English test.

2) Live permanently anywhere in the country

With your PR Card, you are free to choose in which city of the country you want to settle.  You can also move freely throughout the country without fear of deportation.

3) Own property in the country

This is an important benefit if you are looking to grow your wealth in the country. Remember that you must be up to date with tax payments so as not to generate a negative history.

4) Attend public schools

You and your children can benefit from public education programs in the country.  Don’t waste the opportunity.

5) Apply for a driver’s license in your state or territory

Having a driver’s license will not only give you freedom of movement on the road.  It is currently one of the most used identification documents in many countries. Although some entities already issue it to undocumented people, the procedure is undeniable when you already have the PR.