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Use our relocation guide to find out abut the requirements for pet relocation to Hong Kong.

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Many families that are relocating face a difficult choice when it comes to the family pet. When deciding whether to take your pet with you or not it is important to weigh the impact on your family with the impact on your pet. Pets are very tuned into any change in routine and as such a move across the world can be extremely stressful causing eating disorders and depression in both dogs and cats. For example, if you have a dog that is used to a large yard and a lot of exercise then moving to an urban apartment that is much smaller may be quite difficult for them. If you have a cat that is unused to living in a high-rise apartment then concerns about open windows must be addressed if you plan to take your cat with you. The age of your pet will also be a concerns as older pets will tend not to handle the relocation as well as younger ones.

Moving Overseas as an Expat

It is also true that simply being separated from you and your family will cause your pet a great deal of stress. If you plan to have a friend or family member take care of your pet when you are away and you have a 3 year contract to fulfill, you must accept that your pet may adopt their new home and moving back with you will also cause your pet much stress when you return.

With these concerns in mind, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss your pet’s specific needs before your pre-move visit to Hong Kong and fulfill the requirements in the list below. Take the paperwork from the preparations with you to Hong Kong and schedule a visit to a veterinarian in Hong Kong to ensure that you have met the requirements to avoid quarantine. Establishing a relationship with a vet in Hong Kong before your move will ensure that if your pet experiences and health problems during or after the move, you will know where to go.

Contacting a professional pet relocation service to take care of the details of your pets relocation will certainly solve many of the problems associated with your pet’s move.

Requirements for Relocating Your Pet to Hong Kong


Rabies Vaccination & Certificate: Original Rabies Certificates are required with microchip number included(see below) as well as the date of inoculation. The vaccine used must of the inactivated type.

For Dogs & Cats
Canine Distemper
Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis
Feline Cat Flu-Feline Calicivirus
Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis
Chlamydia Psittaci
Cat Enteritis-Feline Panleukopaenia/Feline Parvo Virus


Dogs:  All dogs must have an AVID 9-digit microchip to be registered in Hong Kong. While this can be done when you arrive, it is best to have this done before you leave.

Cats:  All cats must have an AVID 9-digit microchip or an ISO-compatible microchip to be registered in Hong Kong

Health Certificate

Hong Kong Health Certificate (Form VC9R)
Import Permit:  An import permit is required in order to enter the country.  Please contact your relocation agent/pet relocation agent for more info.

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