As learning Chinese has become more popular all over the world, more Mandarin learners are seeking the best ways to learn. There’s no doubt living in China is the best environment for you to learn Chinese. However, what if you can’t get to China, or don’t have time in your schedule to attend regular classes? Learning Chinese online is a positive solution.

There are several varieties of online resources you can use. You can learn Chinese through reading an e-book or listening to a Chinese podcast, or watching Chinese TV shows. All of these methods are good, but what I recommend most is an online class for learning Mandarin. There are many benefits to this approach:

Benefit 1: Unlock China Wherever You Are

You’re learning Chinese but you’re not in China? That’s OK. Learn Chinese online, no matter whether you are in the US, Europe, Australia, Africa or anywhere in the world. As long as you can connect to the Internet, online courses can be a great option for you. Hanbridge’s online Mandarin classes, for example, demonstrate how easy it can be.  They use a virtual classroom to teach you Mandarin with real-time, professional and experienced teachers. No matter where you are, as long as you have Internet access you can log on to your account and enter our virtual classroom to take your class.

Benefit 2: Flexible Schedule

In a traditional setting, you need to take a class at a regular time to match the teacher’s schedule. However, your online Chinese class is available according to your schedule. No matter whether you are a student, businessperson or homemaker, you can choose the class time that works best for you.

Benefit 3: Multiple Options

Along with flexible online scheduling, you can also decide the type of class you want. For instance, you can select from one-to-one instruction or a group class. In a one-to-one class, you receive the most individualised curriculum and learning tools. However, in a group class you can enjoy discussion with your classmates and have more opportunities to learn from others’ successes and setbacks.

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Benefit 4: Real-time, Professional and Experienced Teachers

Even if you study online, you still can learn Mandarin from a real-time, professional instructor. All of Hanbridge’s teachers are native Chinese speakers with at least a bachelor’s degree related to teaching Chinese. You can count on their years of teaching experience to provide a well-organised class that is structured to meet your individual needs.

Benefit 5: Choice of Curricula

There is an abundant choice of curricula available. Whether you wish to learn everyday Chinese, business Chinese, or take the HSK exam preparation course, you can find the course curriculum that is appropriate for you.

If you are excited about what we have to offer and want to try a sample lesson, then you can register for a free trial class here.

English v Chinese

The most spoken language on Earth vs. the most spoken native language on Earth. Both unique in its own ways, and yet the two most important languages of the 21st century.

In this infographic, Day Translations explores the main differences between English and Chinese, as well as provide some interesting facts about both languages. How are neologisms treated on each dialect? What does it mean when we say Chinese is a tonal language? Do both share phrasal verbs? And how hard is it for Chinese translators to adapt English, and vice versa?

If you’re in your way to learn Chinese, you’ll love this infographic, because it showcases how complex and rich the language is, and at the same time, how much it’s spoken around the world! So share it with other language lovers, and keep it as a motivator to continue on this journey of language learning.

Infographic Chinese v English

expat-essentials-lilian-li-guest-bloggerLilian Li has a master’s degree in linguistics and didactics from Rennes University in France. An expert in linguistics and educational psychology, she has taught Chinese as a foreign language for several years, primarily in France. Her classes follow a logical and thorough path to ensure students build a methodology of learning that will continue to help them improve their language ability. She likes jogging, swimming, partying, and hanging out with friends!



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