Imagine started in Beijing as a small, British-led provider of outdoor sports trips, and has grown over four years to cover a wide range of options for people to enjoy outdoor sports. We are now offering kids and families in Shanghai the chance to participate in a great range of outdoor activities as well.

It’s true that at first glance that there don’t seem to be many green spaces in Shanghai and when we first set up the Shanghai branch, our biggest challenge was finding suitable locations. We had all the systems, instructors, equipment and designs from years of activities elsewhere, but without a good piece of nature; we were stuck in the mud.

Eventually, one by one, we have built up a range of beautiful hidden gems, such as a forested island on a lake in Suzhou for survival training, a watersports beach in southern Shanghai for beachside team-building, and a huge kayaking area in Qiandaohu.  With it all planned out properly, it’s totally possible to get out there and back again, all in a day.

People choose us for two main reasons; we offer very adventurous and exciting activities and we put a huge emphasis on safety. Our English-speaking instructors are professional and responsible and our team make thorough plans before each event to maximise both fun and safety.

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Our summer camps are mainly attended by 7-12 year old kids from international schools. Our team-building outings are usually booked by international firms such as Sony and Hilton. Families can also enjoy weekends away, camping and learning about forest survival skills together.

We also offer Bubble Football, which is perfect for adult groups needing to let off some steam after a stressful week. For those who haven’t heard of it, Bubble Football is a new craze that involves running or rolling around inside a giant inflatable ball while trying to knock your friends over (and sometimes trying to kick a football around while doing so). It’s a two-hour bizarre and exhausting experience, possible at a variety of indoor and outdoor locations around the city.

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For family, business or international school groups who are looking to find new, exciting and fun outdoor activities in Shanghai, visit to find out more about getting out there. Our action-sports Summer Camps still have some places left for the upcoming summer holiday. It’s the total package with survival, water sports and Bubble Football, so if you have kids aged between 7-14 who have too much energy, send them on an adventure this summer too. We are always reachable via email or phone (021) 6064 0692.

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Peter Tupper, Founder of Imagine
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Jimmy Xie from Imagine






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