Document Storage – Where Do You Keep Yours? 

Document storage is often something way down on a list of priorities.  You know how it is when you have a file where you ‘sort of’ keep the important stuff.

Or at least you ‘hope’ you keep it there.

Then one day you need your birth certificate/marriage certificate/grandmothers will in a hurry and, yes you guessed.  It is not where you thought it would be.

The problem with important documents such as certificates, wills and deeds is that they are not the sort of items we need to use everyday or indeed every month.  We need to have these items so infrequently that when they do go missing it is hard to remember exactly when you last saw them.

Some people are a bit more organized and have a filing cabinet or box file for these things.  Some people have a safe.  But, I would bet that most have an informal place in their home that these items get placed in.

Document Storage in the Home – The Downsides
  • Unless this is a specific place then documents are prone to going missing/lost
  • Unless this place is very safe from fire, flood and burglary then the documents are at risk of being damaged or destroyed.
  • When moving home these items are more prone to going astray
  • Children around the place can cause all sorts of ‘item misplacement’
Consider the Cost of Replacements
  • Birth certificate will be GBP24.95
  • A new wills requires a trip to the will writer or solicitor and if a copy is not available then a new will may need creating.  Costs vary but may be up to GBP100
  • Insurance documents will require writing to your insurance company which as we all know this takes effort and time and they will more than likely need to see your birth certificate.  Did you say that was missing too?
  • Missing house deeds will mean contacting the land registry
  • Last power of attorney.  Remember just how long all of those forms took to fill out in the first place and it cost over GBP100 to set up.
  • Remember that there will be more than just your own documents to replace.  Any other members of the family who also had theirs with yours may need replacements too.

All in all to replace any of these documents will take time and money and will create a certain amount of additional stress which could so easily have been avoided.

Document Storage Away From the Home – Options
  • Self serve storage companies are available.  However, why would you need a container sized storage facility to store pieces of paper and is it fire/flood and burglar proof?  If you need sight of the originals then you personally have to go and get them yourselves.
  • Document/archive companies are another option but will each document be stored as an individual item or will the whole lot be lumped together and when you need just 1 document how easy will this be retrieve?  Will this be fire/flood/burglar proof?
  • Vaulted document storage is specifically designed by Vital Documents for all personal important documents.  This is a service where every single document is itemized and then scanned to be available as an electronic copy so access is available online 24/7.  If the original document is ever required then a phone call is all that is needed to have it sent either back to you or onto a professional advisor on your behalf.  Being stored in a vault means that storage is as fire proof and flood proof as it possibly can be.  As the vault is also police monitored then it really is as safe as it possibly can be.

All things considered, vaulted document storage has many advantages over keeping documents in the home or in other external storage facilities.

Vital documents have different service plans to suit everyone whether you are looking for short term security or long term storage for peace of mind for the future.

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