Whether you have been living in China for one month or for many years, it’s likely the case that your time here has been rich with experiences you might never have had back in your home country. For parents raising their children in Shanghai, the opportunity is even greater: the chance to provide your child with key language skills and a global outlook is a gift that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. By carefully selecting a school with a strong Chinese program that tailors the teaching to your child’s level, you will help them take advantage of this truly unique opportunity.

As the most widely spoken language in the world, and as the national language of a country with huge economic opportunities, the advantages of learning Mandarin Chinese are clear. With most top universities now preferring four years or more of foreign language study as a strong consideration for students‘ acceptance, parents can help prepare their children now for long-term future success in an ever-more competitive landscape. Below are several tips from the Yew Chung International School (YCIS) Regency Park Campus Primary Chinese Coordinator, Janie Dong, to help your child as they learn the language:

5 Tips to Help Develop Your Child’s Chinese Language Skills:

  1. Practice – all the time! In shops, in taxis, with your Ayi – this helps develop their confidence and skills.
  2. Show your child that you are learning the language, too!
  3. Study a new character each week as a family.
  4. Take part in Chinese cultural events to help them develop their connection to the language.
  5. At YCIS, we have our own online learning platform so parents can follow along and help support their children’s learning at home. There are also other online tools you can use with your child, such as www.chinesecio.com. Anything you do to support your child‘s learning is beneficial!

Expat Essentials | Yew Chung International School ShanghaiYew Chung International School of Shanghai (YCIS) is known globally for its Chinese language and studies program. The school’s bilingual learning environment, which features Co-Teachers in Kindergarten and Primary school, is guided by over 20 years of research from its internal Chinese Language Research and Development team. In addition to solid language skills, YCIS provides students with cultural understanding. With 14 levels of Chinese classes, the school allows for a customized learning experience for students at all learning levels – from beginners to advanced speakers.

Expat Essentials | YCIS

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