Expat Blogs | The Ultimate Guide to Expat Mental Health (Video)

This fascinating video discusses expat mental health, including the best ways for expats to cope with the stresses of living abroad.

Mental Health and Wellbeing for Expats

Mental Health Around the World

  • There are now over 66.2 million expats worldwide, this is set to reach 87.5 million by 2021.
  • 300 million people suffer from depression globally.
  • 260 million suffer from anxiety disorders worldwide.
  • The number of mental health workers per 100,000 persons ranges from less than 1 in low-income countries to over 50 in high-income countries.

Top Expat Stressors

Expats are 2.5 times more likely to experience anxiety/ depression than domestic workers. Why is this?

  • 52% miss their personal support network.
  • 40% worry about their future finances.
  • 26% struggle making new friends.
  • 26% struggle with the language barrier.
  • 22% suffer from culture shock.
  • 15% say their loved ones are unhappy with the move.

(Source: Aetna International)

Maintaining Good Mental Health Abroad

Don’t Overwork Yourself