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In this expat blog, Dancun Kingori provides information for IT professionals on the best countries in which to live and work as an expat.

The Best Places for Expat IT Professionals

Any kind of change can be overwhelming, leave alone changing countries. Still, the idea of moving abroad can be fascinating, with anticipation of a better future. In the field of IT, there is a lot to explore in different places in the world, and given the pace at which technology is advancing, seeking a career is greener pastures is life-changing for any IT professional.

But how do you decide which country is best for pursuing your IT goals? Here are the best countries to immigrate to as an IT professional.


Canada is situated close to the USA, and it is no surprise that the two countries share and trade tech. While the USA, a superpower credited for most technological inventions known to mankind, advances in technology, so do Canada. More to it, the government of Canada has channeled a lot of focus on technology, with plenty of funding going toward STEM education program. Ideally, this only means that Canada has a long-term vision of developing in technology, and as an IT professional, this is excellent news.

Ideally, most people prefer moving to Canada over other countries because it is far much easier to get through, particularly with the necessary work experience, coupled with expertise in the target field.


Australia fights for a position as the best country to immigrate to as an IT professional, for all the right reasons. The island does not only provide an ample work environment for immigrants but offers mines of opportunities for innovation, growth, and creativity.

Statistically, IT has undergone a significant boom in Australia, in such a way that even professionals in IT with minimal work experience are still in high demand. Bottom-line, once you have successfully cleared assessment test for jobs, in the field of IT, you can easily get an appointment for different job roles in your area of interest, even with little experience. For free practice test visit: https://www.wonderlictestprep.com/wonderlic-practice-test


Singapore is one of the countries with the most advanced technology, even though not the king of technology. Ideally, Singapore has a lower internet population than most tech-friendly countries, but that does not mean that the existing population is not tech-savvy. For an IT professional, being in a nation that is very modern can challenge your creativity and innovation, bringing the best out of you.


This list cannot end without mentioning China. It is one of the countries that has surprised many with amazing technological moves, and it is no surprise that in a couple of years, China could be the most developed country. In fact, if you are looking for an Asian Business for Sale, invest in China.

The best part is that there is a lot of room for It professionals in different locations, for example, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai locations, among others. If, for instance, an IT professional buys a business overseas, say in China, they have a multiple of sites to set camp and still thrive in matters of tech.

The main thing is that China is hungry for technological developments, which makes it the perfect nation to turn to for IT jobs.

The demand for IT professionals continues to increase every day as people chase after the rapidly growing technology. In any of the countries mentioned above, you can rest assured that your path for greatness in technology is brighter than most.

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