Maybe you just moved. Or maybe you’ve lived abroad for some time. If you haven’t quite “clicked” in your new country’s work environment or you’re still preparing to enter the job market, business administration training might be right for you.

Gaining knowledge in business administration can give your career a huge boost. Why? It’s simple: businesses exist in every country on earth. Business is universal and as such, business knowledge is valuable, no matter where you live. Continue reading to learn three reasons why expats should pursue a course in business administration.

They Can Be Done Online, from Anywhere

2008 marked a huge shift in training and education. It was in this year that massive open online courses (MOOCs) first appeared. This form of education gained true popularity in 2012 and as of 2016, 58 million people had signed up for at least one MOOC.

MOOCs offer a more flexible format than traditional, in-class study and don’t normally require any entrance exams or applications. This new online format has become so popular that many universities now offer some online coursework in order to compete with popular MOOC platforms like edX, Coursera, and Udacity.

There are many online business courses (some being MOOCs) that can be studied from anywhere, with no need to visit a campus in person. This greatly benefits expats, who may only be abroad for a short time or may have to move between countries.

Here are three sources for the best online business courses, which can prepare you for careers in widely-found fields like marketing, management, and human resources, as well as up-and-coming specialties like big data:

50 Best Online Business Administration Degrees for 2016-2017
20 Free Online Business Courses
The All-in-One Master of Business Administration Course

They’re an Effective Use of Your Time Abroad

There are many reasons someone chooses to relocate to another country. The most common of these reasons include: to seek better job opportunities; to travel or see the world; to find a better quality of life; to be with your partner or family.

Whatever your reason is for moving abroad, you want to make sure you get the most out of your time away from home. Taking an online business course can be a good way to show employers that you didn’t let moving set back your life or career. If you’re abroad for a few months, years, or permanently, knowledge of core business administration topics is the best way to start your new-country experience.

When you first relocate, many other things are more pressing than your education – finding an apartment, making friends, learning the local language, budgeting your expenses, caring for your kids (if you have any). But after the initial rush and excitement of moving, when things start to settle down, you’ll be able to focus on yourself.

If you’re considering entering the job market (or you have a job and want a better one), taking an online business course is among the best options for improving your work opportunities. Online courses are flexible to fit any schedule and are usually more cost effective than their in-class counterparts.

They Can Improve Your Life

Taking an online business course will make you:

More qualified: Most careers require business knowledge, whether it is for effective company communications, critical and creative thinking, or working as a team. You’ll be more qualified for a wide range of jobs if you have a background in business administration. And maybe you’ll even learn the skills to negotiate a higher salary.

More confident: Knowledge is rewarding, and completing a high-level business course will increase your sense of accomplishment. Your self-confidence will skyrocket and maybe you’ll even find that you have greater sense of self-worth. All of these are hugely influential during the interview process and could help you get the job.

More disciplined: Studying online as an adult gives you a greater disposition for lifelong learning. It is a sign that you’re teachable and able to follow a study routine. This sends a signal to employers that you’re willing to learn even after you’ve left the physical classroom. This “willingness to learn” and “teachability” means employers won’t wonder if they should risk training you for leadership positions – they’ll already know you’re up to the challenge!

Every expat experience is different and only you can truly know what is right for you. But if you want to to improve both yourself and your career, the first thing you should consider is doing an online course in business administration. Good luck and happy studying!

Expat Blogs | Mary SwickMary Swick is an American expat living and working in Madrid, Spain. She is currently the Media & Business Development Specialist for elearning startup MyLeanMBA, which offers a 1-year online business course for €299. Mary obtained a Bachelor of Media Studies & Business in Ohio, USA, followed by a Master of Marketing & Advertising Communications in Manchester, UK. Read her business blog here.

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