For new expats moving to Singapore, or those who are already here and living in rented accommodation, there is a new way of doing things when it comes to rental deposits.

Anyone who has made the move to live abroad will know that there are innumerable costs associated with relocating to a new country (or even when you simply move house to a new neighbourhood or district). One of the most significant has always been the rental deposit that you are required to pay in advance.

Having to pay a substantial deposit before you are able to move into a new home means tying up thousands of dollars, often for years, which could be far better used covering the many other expenses you rack up when you make a major move.

However, for expats moving to Singapore, Sing-Guarantee is now offering a ground-breaking solution that looks set to revolutionise the way in which security deposits operate in the rental market.

How Do Rental Deposit Guarantees Work?

A Rental Deposit Guarantee is a certificate made out in favour of a landlord that guarantees that the deposit on a rental property is covered in the same way as it would be by a cash payment, but without the new tenant having to pay out the full amount in advance.

The Sing-Guarantee Certificate Of Guarantee is 100% backed by the equivalent cash amount, which is lodged with a leading AA-rated Singapore bank and managed by an independent escrow agent. Singapore landlords therefore have complete security and receive the full deposit amount they require, but the same time the tenant’s initial outlay is significantly reduced.

The Benefits of a Rental Guarantee Certificate

In practical terms, a Rental Guarantee Certificate means that instead of paying a landlord two months’ rent as a deposit, you instead need only to pay for a Sing-Guarantee Certificate Of Guarantee for a fraction of the cost.

You therefore have more money available to cover other aspects of your moving costs, as cash that would otherwise be tied up in your landlord’s bank account is now available for you to use. For expats, this means you have greater liquidity and financial flexibility at a crucial time, freeing up funds for other important expenses such as school fees or medical insurance, both of which can be very high in Singapore.

Sing-Guarantee is also able to offer pre-approval so that even before you find your ideal new home, you have peace of mind knowing that your pre-approved certificate will cover the cost of the deposit. This additional benefit undoubtedly helps to take the stress out of searching for a new property.

When it comes time to move out of a rental property, you have no anxiety about when you will have your deposit returned to you, or how much of it you will receive from your landlord. All of this has been taken out of your hands through your purchase of a Sing-Guarantee Certificate Of Guarantee.

If you decide you want to terminate your Sing-Guarantee Certificate at any time, you simply need to provide written notice from your landlord or real estate agent that your tenancy is ending, and return your certificate so that it can be cancelled.

I Am Already Renting In Singapore — Can I Still Get A Sing-Guarantee Certificate?

If you are already renting a property in Singapore, think of how you might benefit by freeing up and being able to use the deposit you paid but which is sitting idle in your landlord’s bank account.

In order to do this, all you need to do is fill in an application with Sing-Guarantee and, once you have been approved and your certificate prepared, they will send this to your landlord or real estate agent who will then return your deposit back to you, freeing up additional (and unexpected) cash that you can then use for more enjoyable purposes.

How Much Does a Sing-Guarantee Certificate Cost?

The initial cost of a Sing-Guarantee Certificate is a pro-rata annual fee that is dependent on the size of the deposit required by the landlord and when the lease begins.

After this, you will then be required to pay an annual fee to Sing-Guarantee in order to keep your certificate current — the cost of this is fixed and remains constant.

You can use this handy tool on the Sing-Guarantee website to calculate the cost of your certificate.

How do I apply for a Sing-Guarantee Certificate?

It is quick and easy to apply for a Sing-Guarantee Certificate online by going to Applications are processed within 48 hours, so you know the result very quickly and can get on with the business of organising your new life.

If you have already found a property, the result of your Sing-Guarantee Certificate application is shared directly with the landlord, simplifying the moving-in process. Then, once Sing-Guarantee has received the appropriate documentation from your new landlord or real estate agent, the landlord will be sent the Certificate of Guarantee without you having to do anything more.

If you have a pre-approved certificate, you will be able to use this to secure a new property. This will also help to make you a more attractive tenant for a prospective landlord, as it demonstrates that you are credit-worthy and risk-free. It is then very quick and easy to convert your pre-approved certificate into a Sing-Guarantee Certificate Of Guarantee once you locate your property and agree terms.

In order to complete an application for a Sing-Guarantee Certificate, you need to provide personal, employment and income details, as well as copies of your lease agreement, your passport, NRIC and employment pass. Your application will be processed within 48 hours of receipt.

What next?

Go to to find out more, or get in touch with Sing-Guarantee at or by phone on +65 6829 2301.

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