When it comes to moving to a new neighbourhood, it can occasionally be a little tricky settling in. But when that neighbourhood is in a new country the challenge can be even greater. Thankfully Sanlitun is a very friendly community, with a significant number of expats who’ll be more than happy to help you adjust to your new way of living.

Here are some ideas on how US expats can make themselves at home in this new community.

Beat Those Homesick Blues

It doesn’t matter how much you love your new home, it’s normal to sometimes get a little homesick. If you find yourself missing home then it could be a good time to meet some fellow expats – and there’s nothing that gets us American’s going like the Super Bowl!

This year there’s an adorable little bookshop called The Bookworm that’s showing it and it’s in Sanlitun, which means you can cheer on the Super Bowl LIV Winners with tasty food in hand and great company to boot.

As well as showing the Super Bowl, this charming bookshop has plenty of other events going on throughout the year too. The Bookworm is a real cultural centre, which allows you to take out a couple of books at a time – great for perfecting your language skills. Its cosy decor is a lovely place to hang out with new friends, so it’s likely that this could become a new favourite spot for you.

Get Outside and Get Active

If you’re less of a bookworm and more of a gym bunny then don’t panic, there are plenty of options for you too! Sanlitun is a pretty safe neighbourhood to walk around, so there’s always the option to explore at your leisure. If you’d like something a little more strenuous however, then there are also some local exercise classes.

A great way to integrate with the locals is to join a running club. Heyrobics is a huge platform that offers lots of different ‘get togethers’, all across China, but a particularly good one to start with is their local run. They meet in Sanlitun and a group of around a dozen runners all complete a jog together.

The pace is a little challenging for beginners, but by no means unachievable and more advanced runners will be able to hold a conversation with ease. It’s a lovely way to be able to get out and about, particularly if you can meet others with similar interests to yourself!

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