Coworking is no longer just a trend in Hong Kong, a city described as the freest place in the world. One of the reasons this type of office format is no longer simply a trend but a permanent staple in this community is because office rents are typically high in Hong Kong, where commerce has reinvented the landscape since colonial times. Acknowledged as an extremely wealthy region, Hong Kong’s office rents can be intimidating for smaller businesses.

However, even in this very competitive market there is a place for the small businessman and entrepreneur to gain traction. Servcorp coworking space in Hong Kong, for instance, has made normally very expensive office space accessible to businesses of all sizes and types. The very plush, corporate environment has become home to many of the small businesses making their way up the ladder of success.

Continue reading for a closer look at who’s who in Servcorp’s coworking space.

Technology’s Beginnings

Many of the businesses that make up the Hong Kong landscape are technology-related, and with technology making such a splash in nearby China, businesses looking to make a fortune in this industry often begin in the coworking space. Technology has always been a part of the coworking landscape, but in Hong Kong the stakes are a little higher and levelling the playing field means giving clients the best possible first impression. Servcorp’s version of the coworking for the technology company places them in one of three corporate buildings in Hong Kong, close to other tech companies.

Starting Out Small

The start-up has long been a patron of the coworking space, and this is also the case with Servcorp’s start-up population. The low-cost alternative to very expensive real estate gives would-be talent access to the resources and people needed to create traction for business. Servcorp’s basic plan provides these fledgeling businesses with a great platform from which to meet people and engage with the wider business community.

Furthermore, it is the go-to for scaling up a business, as the leases are easy to modify. A start-up could essentially begin in a coworking space and then move into an executive suite with business growth. It is one of the easiest ways to transition a business into a larger space, once it is established.

Small Businesses With Big Dreams

Small business with less than ten people can really take advantage of Servcorp’s coworking plan because it provides all the business staples. Like the start-up, the coworking space through Servcorp is the perfect place to transition your business into a larger office space. Furthermore, the corporate furnishings and impressive address can add a little shine to your business’s image.

Independent Financier

Hong Kong is filled with investment houses and numerous financial institutions, and for independent entrepreneurs and investors, Servcorp offices place professionals in the industry right next to others who work in finance offices nearby. This proximity presents Servcorp professionals with plenty of opportunities to network and to build business. For someone with ingenuity and insight but not the capital, Servcorp is an affordable choice.

Miscellaneous Minglers

Of course, among these groups, you are going to have professionals from a wide array of industries. These businesses round out the types of people who you might find in Servcorp’s coworking spaces. Hong Kong has established industries, but technology has created opportunities for professionals in the creative industries and media as well.

The People You Might Meet At The Office

The Servcorp coworking space is a general admissions office, which means there is the likelihood that you might bump elbows with professionals from any industry. However, the atmosphere is one comprised of industries related to finance, technology, and media. Then, there is everyone one else who falls in somewhere among these industries.

Hong Kong Coworking SpacesWith Servcorp, you can choose from 13 premium office locations across Hong Kong and China, plus 160+ cities worldwide.

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