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Sanchez Barry, writer for Expat Life at MetroResidences, shares advice on how to find an expat serviced apartment in Singapore, Tokyo or Hong Kong.

Singapore Serviced Apartments

Expats have a very unique dilemma – they’ve got to look for a long term accommodation that’s not permanent. Not a shoddy place that rugged travellers can hole up in for a couple of days, but not an overly expensive dream home either. The perfect serviced apartment has to be tastefully furnished, but affordable at the same time. We’ll take you on a little trip on the 4 most important factors when considering a serviced apartment.

Where you live is about important as what you live in

Location is a crucial part to choosing a serviced apartment. Some people want something that’s right by their office – so that they spent close to zero time and money on commute. For the more adventurous sort, you’d can pick something near the shopping districts, nightlife or tourist attractions. Pick a serviced apartment provider that can offer multiple apartments across the country.

Picking the perfect sized apartment

It’s important to keep in mind who you’re travelling with. Are you a lone business traveller, a group of colleagues, or a family travelling together? Accommodating people is one thing, but if you’re a heavy traveller with lots to lug around, you might consider a serviced apartment with 2 – 3 bedrooms. If you’re comfortable in a small, cosier space, choosing a 1 bedroom or studio will likely save you some money.

Sometimes it is about the money

You’re not always going to be given a sizable enough expatriate package that enables you to book the most expensive serviced apartment. On the flip side, you don’t want to be sleeping on a stranger’s couch, especially since you’re already in a foreign country. But having said that, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a serviced apartment of great quality, and still save yourself from breaking the bank.

Play where you stay

Some apartments are built as part of an apartment complex. If you enjoy keeping healthy, look out for apartments that come with swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts. Some apartments are also equipped with other amenities like BBQ pits, playgrounds, function rooms and study/co-working spaces. These may not be essential to living abroad, but a lot serviced apartments come with these sorts of amenities and usually at no extra cost.

All of these factors can mean you have a wonderful home. However, sourcing the ideal apartment place is going to take a lot of work. Alternatively, just let us do it for you. MetroResidences is an online serviced apartment booking platform with over 500 listings in Singapore. Every apartment on MetroResidences is carefully curated with considerable thought given to location, quality and price. Click on the link to our website, and get a quote the same business day.

Sanchez Barry writes for Expat Life at MetroResidences, a serviced apartment booking platform in Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. He’s a coffee junkie that can’t get through the day without his daily cup of joe. Or 3.

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