If you’re an expat working abroad, sending your children to a UK boarding school may be more affordable than you think

International schools often have a great reputation and are the first thought for expat workers. However, as you may have already discovered, many have very long waiting lists and places can be at a premium. You may have thought that sending your children to boarding school is out of your price range, but there are ways to manage the costs that make it an affordable option for a world-class education. Whilst all the schools offer a great education, English A Levels, for example, are accepted globally as a high standard of education.

Calculating the cost

Initial research will give you the various fee structures for boarding schools across the UK, but alongside the obvious cost of flights to and from school, don’t forget to allow for all the added extras. From school uniforms to PE kit and added extras such as music lessons and field trips, it’s worth getting the full picture before you make a decision.

The drop in sterling may make UK schools more affordable

There was an initial drop in sterling following the vote for the UK to leave the EU and it continues to fluctuate. If you’re being paid in currency, this may make it affordable to send your children to a high quality school without breaking your budget. Of course, the currency market will continue to fluctuate so it’s important not to rely on the fact that the pound will remain at its current levels.

Managing international payments

It’s worth working with a currency specialist to get an accurate picture of the total cost. A specialist will also provide access to specialist tools which allow you to set up automated regular payments, track, target and even fix an exchange rate for a period of time and send money online and via mobile app for any additional costs or emergencies.

Specialist support for paying overseas tuition fees

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