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Great advice for expats on how you can save money on FX rates when you are living abroad as an expat.

Expat Dating

As an expat, moving to Asia and living an active social life can end up taking you far and wide. It is not just metaphoric horizons that broaden, but your physical horizons too –especially as many people living in a new land are keen to take full advantage of what is on their doorstep. And with flights in Asia often costing the same amount as jumping on a train for half an hour back in the UK, there is certainly no reason to sit still. From short breaks on idyllic islands through to cultural city breaks, a whole new world is opened up.

Getting into a dating groove for example, can be much easier when you are living in another country. Not only is there a renewed confidence in being away from home, where it may be easier to strike up a conversation with potential partners that share some common ground, but the use of dating apps no longer limits you to your location of residence. If you live in Hong Kong and regularly visit Singapore for example, you are just as likely to meet somebody through a dating app while visiting a new city – especially where you might have more time to kill. It can make for some exciting times…

One thing to consider when moving between countries however, is exchange rates. Dating, or any international expenses, can be an expensive business if you do not get it right – especially if you are being paid in another currency and using these wages to travel about.

We’ve partnered with moneycorp to bring our readers a great service when sending money across international borders. As part of the service, you receive peace of mind of bank-beating exchange rates. You also get the benefit of free access to your own personal account manager who can talk to you about the tools you can use to plan ahead against adverse movements in exchange rates, for example. Exchange rates are well known to be volatile and getting caught out means that your expenses as an expat can end up being much higher than they need to be if (and when) rates move against you. So, from transferring your salary from one currency to another, or protecting any international payments that you are committed to honouring anywhere in the world, moneycorp could help make your money stretch much further. Register here to receive bank beating rates and expert guidance around converting currency.

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