When you decide to emigrate and become an expat in another country, there will always be several hurdles to overcome. One of them could be the language, another could be the way your new country’s systems, such as healthcare, work. For some, a big problem is getting used to a different type of food.

You will find most countries use fresh produce that is often locally grown, and if it is fish you are eating, it will probably have been caught that day. In warmer climates, the fruit and vegetables are often juicier and tastier than you are used to, and this can make a big difference to the flavour of the meals.

Skyline of Singapore
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Traditional Cuisine In Singapore

If Singapore is your country of choice, you will find some amazing traditional cuisine. Chili crab, considered to be the national dish of Singapore, is stir-fried crab with tomato sauce, chili, shrimp paste and eggs. It is not as hot or spicy as the name suggests and is very popular with expats.

Chilli Crab in Singapore
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A touch of China shows up in the Hainanese chicken, which is the juiciest chicken you will ever taste. Served with rice that has been cooked in the chicken broth and light soy sauce, the traditional cooking methods give this dish its unique taste.

These are just two of the traditional dishes in Singapore, there are many more and you should definitely try them all.

Where To Eat In Singapore

Singapore has no shortage of very good restaurants, but a favorite option is often to eat at home. This is made very easy by Deliveroo, who can bring many different types of food right to your door. There’s no problem if you do not eat meat. There are vegetarian restaurants galore, many of which serve vegan food as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you want Mexican food, Indian, Chinese, pizza, English, or dishes from Singapore, you will find restaurants of the highest quality to cater for your needs, or sit back on your sofa and order it online for it to be brought to you.

Is It Costly To Eat In Singapore?

Of course, if you want to eat at the finest restaurants in Singapore, it will be costly, just like eating at the top-class eateries in any other city in the world. However, you do have a choice. There are plenty of places to suit all budgets, and the famous hawker stalls that you will find all over the city serve generous portions of excellent food at a very reasonable price.

Drinks can be more expensive, but even with these, you will find special deals and ‘happy hours’ where they are sold for less.

Overall, the food in Singapore is a very good quality and the sanitation rules for restaurants, takeaways and hawker stalls are strict. Whether you are into fine dining or want to eat at home while watching your favourite TV program, you will have no problem finding the food you want at a reasonable price.

Hawker Stall in Singapore
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