You might be staying in Hong Kong this Christmas, or maybe you and your family will go abroad. In either case, you are probably wondering what your domestic helpers’ plans are, in terms of the logistics and planning.

According to a HelperChoice survey, 21% of domestic helpers in Hong Kong celebrate Christmas with their families, 20% with their friends, and almost half go to church. Unfortunately, the rest of them have to work on Christmas Day.

Whatever her plans are, another question that you should be thinking about is how you can reward her for her wonderful help this year. If you are looking for some inspiration, here is a list of suitable Christmas gift ideas!

A trip back home

Many Filipino helpers hope to spend Christmas with their family and to celebrate their religious beliefs. Therefore, if she does want to go back home, you might want to make this happen and buy her a flight ticket for Christmas.

If you want to do this, you should know that several airlines offer discounts specifically for domestic helpers, although this is not always mentioned on their website. So, make sure you call them to ask if they have special rates!

Gifts for your helper’s family

89% of domestic helpers will send gifts to their families or bring the gifts with them themselves if they are going back to their home town for Christmas. It would be a nice gesture to participate in her family holiday by offering gifts for her children or relatives. The most popular items helpers give their family are clothes, toys and gadgets, so this type of gift would be very much appreciated.

Cooking and baking classes

Many domestic helpers look forward to opening their own business back home one day, and therefore are willing to learn more about cooking and baking, especially when it comes to western style cuisine.

HelperChoice partners with several training providers to offer classes specifically designed for domestic helpers in Cooking, Baking, English and Financial Literacy. You can check out their classes here!

Tickets to amusement parks

Hong Kong has two world famous amusement parks — Disneyland and Ocean Park. If your helper loves the thrills of roller coasters, or other sorts of entertainment, do not hesitate to buy tickets for her and one of her friends.

The most important gift of all

Domestic helpers work hard all year to take care of our loved ones. Christmas is the perfect timing to show your helper your gratitude for her work and contributions.

Gather the kids and together decorate a card, thank her for her hard work, and let her know how grateful you are and how important she is for your family!

HelperChoice is an ethical platform connecting employers and domestic workers in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle-East.

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