Choosing the Right Display Stand Singapore

Here Are Some Suggestions That Will Assist You In Choosing The Proper Display Stand For Your Upcoming Exhibition Or Function. Know more about a display stand singapore.

The average trade show attendee only spends 3 to 4 seconds at a display before moving on to the next booth. In that little window, customers will decide whether to stick around and investigate your offer more or go on to something else.

Therefore, your company must have the most remarkable exhibit stand possible at any trade show, conference, or other event you want to attend. With so many displays out there, choosing the one that’s best for your company requires careful consideration of a number of variables.

Primary Meaning: Visuals

This is what curious onlookers will see first. Logos, typefaces, backdrops, and photographs likely already exist as part of your brand’s identity. You may have your graphic designer use design templates provided by your chosen exhibition provider after you’ve signed on the dotted line. You may get graphic design services from your display supplier for a reasonable price if you don’t have a professional designer on staff.

Design convention dictates that 40% of the visual area be left blank. The gaps in your communication are as crucial as the information you do provide. Make sure there’s enough of a visual hook to draw people in, highlight the most important details for the immediate audience, and point them in the right direction for further reading.

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” therefore, it’s crucial to keep reinforcing your brand. Put your brand’s logo on everything that people will see. Don’t forget to include your tagline if it’s clear and concise.

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Separation into smaller parts

With the ability to disassemble and reassemble into a variety of configurations, modular display systems are a versatile choice for any trade show. This is crucial for lifespan and efficiency if you want to display in a wide range of booth sizes and locations. The more the stand’s modularity, the more it may be adapted to each company’s individual requirements.


Transportable Screen, the versatility and adaptability of the stands are unparalleled. Consider your event’s timeline, budget, and available resources when deciding between a portable, modular, or bespoke display. If this is the case, shipping costs for bespoke and modular displays will be high, and you may need to hire help setting up and breaking down the display.