Shanghai | Neighbourhoods

Our relocation guide introduces you to the most popular expat neighbourhoods in Shanghai, including advice and guidance on the education system and the best international schools, how to find housing, popular healthcare options, as well as shopping and other amenities
Shanghai | French Concession | Expat Essentials

Shanghai | Neighbourhoods | French Concession

The Former French Concession is perhaps the most charming part of Shanghai’s truly unique appeal – the juxtaposition between the ultra-modern and the colonial past. With its tree-lined streets,...
Shanghai | Hongqiao and Gubei | Expat Essentials

Shanghai | Neighbourhoods | Hongqiao and Gubei

Hongqiao and Gubei are extremely popular expat neighbourhoods in Shanghai, and our relocation guide tells you all you need to know about living there. This includes information on international schools, the varieties of housing available, along with transport, healthcare and shopping options
Shanghai | Huacao and Xujing | Expat Essentials

Shanghai | Neighbourhoods | Huacao and Xujing

Huacao For some, the intense urban environment of downtown Shanghai is not particularly attractive. Whether it's the traffic, the noise or the sheer number of people, they prefer more subdued...
Shanghai | Jingan' and Zhongshan Park | Expat Essentials

Shanghai | Neighbourhoods | Jing’an and Zhongshan Park

Jing'an If you're considering living downtown, then the sought-after Jing’an District will be one of your primary options. It is centrally located with easy access to the Bund, People’s Square...
Shanghai | Jinqiao and Kangqiao | Expat Essentials

Shanghai | Neighbourhoods | Jinqiao and Kangqiao

Jinqiao Jinqiao is arguably the most popular area in Shanghai for expat families. Abundant green space, wide streets, comparatively cleaner air than the rest of Shanghai and abundant expat-oriented services...
Shanghai | Lujiazui and Century Park | Expat Essentials

Shanghai | Neighbourhoods | Lujiazui and Century Park

Lujiazui Lujiazui’s iconic skyline is used ubiquitously to depict the city and is, in many ways, not only a symbol of Shanghai but of the rise of China as a...
Shanghai | Xintiandi and People's Square | Expat Essentials

Shanghai | Neighbourhoods | Xintiandi and People’s Square

Xintiandi Xintiandi (literally 'new heaven on earth') tends to polarise expats. Some enjoy its cafés and restaurants set among the area’s traditional shikumen-style area of pedestrian lanes and squares. Others...
Expat Essentials | Xujiahui | Shanghai Expat Neighbourhoods

Shanghai | Neighbourhoods | Xujiahui

The area known as Xujiahui has a rich history dating back to the nineteenth century when Saint Ignatius Cathedral was built on land donated by the family of Xu...