Singapore | Education

For expats who are about to move to Singapore or are new expats in the city, our relocation gives you all the information you need, including how to find international schools, pre-schools, kindergartens, universities and special schools
Singapore | Education | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Education System in Singapore

A comprehensive guide for expatriates relocating to Singapore explaining the education system and the international schools and other options that are available.
Singapore | International Schools | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | International Schools

Our comprehensive listing of international schools in Singapore helps parents and students to understand the different education options that Singapore offers, and includes a map that shows the location of every international school.
Singapore | Map of International Schools | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Map of International Schools in Singapore

Our expat relocation guide features a comprehensive interactive map of international schools in Singapore. You can search by location or curriculum, and find links to all schools.
Singapore | Kindergartens and Pre-schools | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Pre-schools and Kindergartens

A comprehensive listing of pre-schools and kindergartens in Singapore for expat families.
Singapore | Special Schools | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Special Schools

Our Singapore expat education guide feature listings of all types of school in the city, including special schools.
Singapore | Universities | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Universities

Our relocation guide details Singapore's universities and the entry procedures for international and expatriate students.