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Singapore | Preparations | Education System in Singapore

A comprehensive guide for expatriates relocating to Singapore explaining the education system and the international schools and other options that are available.
Singapore | International Schools | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | International Schools

Comprehensive list of international schools in Singapore to help expat parents understand the different education options, including an interactive map.
Singapore | Map of International Schools | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Map of International Schools in Singapore

Our expat relocation guide features a comprehensive interactive map of international schools in Singapore. You can search by location or curriculum, and find links to all schools.
Singapore | Kindergartens and Pre-schools | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Pre-schools and Kindergartens

A comprehensive listing of pre-schools and kindergartens in Singapore for expat families.
Singapore | Special Schools | Expat Essentials

Singapore | Preparations | Special Schools

Our Singapore expat education guide feature listings of all types of school in the city, including special schools.
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Singapore | Preparations | Universities

Our relocation guide details Singapore's universities and the entry procedures for international and expatriate students.
Online Learning Singapore for Expats

Singapore | Preparations | Online Schooling

For expat families in Singapore, our relocation considers the relative benefits and costs of online schooling as opposed to international schools.