Shanghai | Education

Our relocation guide gives expats who are moving to or are new to Shanghai information about education in the city, including how to find an international school, pre-school or kindergarten, studying at universities in Shanghai, and local schools with international divisions
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Shanghai | Preparations | Education System in Shanghai

Perhaps not surprisingly, for expatriate parents who want to educate their children in China while they are posted there, the options are increasing all the time. This is in...
Britannica International School, Shanghai

Shanghai | Preparations | International Schools

Our expat relocation guide is designed to help parents and families who are moving to Shanghai to find the right international school
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Shanghai | Preparations | Pre-schools and Kindergartens

For expat families moving to Shanghai, our relocation guide gives help and advice on finding pre-schools and kindergartens in Puxi and Pudong Pre-schools and Kindergartens in Puxi Angels Kindergarten RMB80,000-90,000 281 Panlong Village,...
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Shanghai | Preparations | Universities

Shanghai has excellent universities, with a vast range of degree possibilities in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Unsurprisingly, some of them are very big indeed, with various campuses in...