For those who prefer dining in the comfort of their own home, there are local and international food vendors and international supermarkets where you can stock up the pantry. There are plenty of options – from street vendors selling fresh local produce to Carrefour and Walmart superstores. For bulk food shopping, the French supermarket chain Carrefour has the largest selection of local and international goods. Friendship Supermarket and Jenny Lou’s Supermarket specialize in imported novelties such as American pancake mix or Australian bacon. For daily shopping or fresh produce, get to know your local Chinese supermarket, as well as the neighborhood seasonal fruit and vegetable vendors. The local supermarkets have far less selection, but they will all carry basic toiletries, fruits and vegetables, and a few aisles of Chinese snacks that you won’t recognize. Befriending your local vendors is a great way to save money and practice your Chinese.


The French superstore has at least eight locations in Beijing, and each has at least an aisle or two of imported products and a decent selection of alcohol.


The American hypermarket chain has at least four locations throughout the city offering Chinese groceries, produce, meat, fresh fish, general goods, electronics and more. Imported section includes wine, imported sauces, olive oil and other general imported items.
8:30am-10:30pm (varies slightly by location)

Jenny Lou’s 

This network of food stores and delicatessens has expanded to eight locations, mostly conveniently located in expat enclaves. The delis and fresh fruit and vegetable counters vary by location and most deliver locally.
Open: 8am-10pm (varies slightly by location)

Schindler’s German Food Center

Also known as the “German Butcher”, Schindler’s meat counter is popular with expats, featuring cuts ranging from veal scaloppini to whole turkeys. Nice deli sections in both locations offer sliced salami, ham, sausages and other cold cuts. A bakery on the premises churns out crusty loaves and baguettes; rare treats in Beijing.
15 Zaoying Beili, Chaoyang Park
(010) 6591 9370

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