Expat Essentials is the world’s first series of guides dedicated exclusively to the relocation process undertaken by people traversing the globe to live and work in foreign lands. From the day an assignee decides to relocate to the day they return home, Expat Essentials guides are where they go for the information they need.

Our guides have been created by teams of experts, all with a deep understanding of each city and the relocation experience. We know that with the right preparations, from learning about a city’s history and culture to choosing the right school—and everything in between—the relocation experience can be one that international assignees remember for all the right reasons.

We also know what it takes to get set up and have a soft landing in a new home abroad. From finding housing and domestic help to orienting yourself in the tangle of neighbourhoods in some of the most vibrant cities in the world, we have it. And we put it together with images that are meant to inspire positivity and excitement. We know that with the right information and advice, the acclimation period for new assignees can be limited and the chances of experiencing culture shock reduced.

Expat Essentials guides also provide invaluable information on settling into a new city. From connecting with expat groups, to finding a weekend outing for the family, to navigating the seemingly endless options for shopping and dining—Expat Essentials has it.

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