With the greatest funeral homes, redefine goodbye in Buddhist culture

Even in the twenty-first century, there is still prominent existence of several religions and each of their traditional faiths and practices is different from one another. Just like their view toward God differentiated them from one another, the notion that they held dear to their heart after the death of a person also differed a great deal. Each of the religions had its unique way to hold the funeral services of their deceased closed ones. The most common among them is the buddhist funeral services.

What happens initially during Buddhist funeral rites?

buddhist funeral services

At the beginning of the Buddhist Funeral rites, the body of the deceased is cleaned and placed inside an open simple casket, where a picture of the deceased is placed and a picture of Lord Buddha is kept nearby. After these initial preparations are completed, the mourners then take the body to the crematorium. The faith in Buddhism regarding death is that it is not the end for the person who is gone. It is merely a cycle of birth and rebirth. Despite this belief, it does not diminish the pain of a person losing a loved one.

How are the Funeral Services held after the initial rites?

The next part of the Funeral Services includes holding the memorial services which are usually held on the 3rd, 7th, 49th, and the 100th days to pay their respect to the deceased ones. Various funeral service homes provide these services in form of various packages which differ in their amount from one another. Each of these service homes has its website and the best of them has their hotlines open for the entire day so that the family of the bereaved can get in contact with them at any time of their convenience.

How does the process progress in the Funeral Rite Homes?

The best Funeral Service Homes make sure that a particular Funeral Director is assigned to a family so that they can go through the processes easily with the help of the expert. Usually, it is the director who handles the majority of the paperwork since the family members may not be in a stable mental state after their loss.

The last part of the funeral services includes the mourners and interacting with the people who visit to pay their respects. The funeral service homes make sure that the family of the deceased gets emotional support along with guidance at the end of the funeral rites. They make sure to uphold the Buddhist belief of paying tribute to the dead until the end.