Things You Need To Know About Payroll Association

Payroll Association is a company that helps an employer reduce payroll taxes and healthcare costs by encouraging employees to work part-time rather than full-time when not needed.

As with any other type of insurance, this option is most beneficial for individuals who need health benefits but are only willing to work part-time. The employees can enjoy the same benefits as their full-time counterparts in terms of pay and job security, which makes for an enticing offer for many employees. The downside is that workers may not be able to earn enough on a part-time schedule at their chosen jobs because they need more responsibility or the experience required for full-time positions.

The differentiating factor of this independent association is that it directly interacts with state and federal government regulators. It is an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters and works with a professional licensing agency to provide health care benefits to its members. The Australian Payroll Association assigns its contracted members a Field Consultant or Management Services Supervisor. This individual handles all questions regarding associations, provider networks, billing, membership meetings, and training seminars. These managers are assigned specific territories through which they can answer claims questions, handle problems, and ensure the employees understand their rights under the association’s plan design. It also works with tax specialists to ensure that members receive all the state and federal benefits they are entitled to as payroll workers.

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Payroll Association offers its members many benefits, including for their spouses, children, parents, and other family members. Plans include reduced or no premiums, dependent coverage for uninsured dependents up to age 26, unlimited lifetime health coverage, and other plans that guarantee certain services from designated physicians. In addition to qualifying members working part-time through the association’s network of companies and other businesses with its membership agreement, there are many “opportunity” positions with Payroll Association. These positions include answering claims questions over the phone and providing general payroll knowledge.

Another benefit to the employee is that the insurance company is outsourced to ensure employees through employee benefit plans. This reduces expenses while also providing a competitive product. The employees can choose which healthcare plan they wish to enroll in and select their doctors, hospitals, and specialists.

Some critics have pointed out that Payroll Association is an ADP plan (Administrative Services), which means that the company handles administrative tasks for the eligible employees’ taxes and other responsibilities instead of independently paying for medical benefits. These critics believe this makes the plan unfair for workers forced into part-time schedules due to employers’ business needs.


The Payroll Association and its Association Management Services offer members and family members many options for health, dental, vision, and other types of coverage. The association strives to maximize benefits for its clients and provide an avenue for that employee to receive the same benefits as any other full-time worker might earn. The network of companies, individuals, and opportunities makes this plan a dominant player in the healthcare arena.