The Different Types Of An Outsourced Telemarketing

The older the telemarketing methods get, the more relevant they can gain. Telemarketing transformed from cold calls and robocalls to video calls, VoIP, and voicemail. Today, telemarketing isn’t just dialing numbers and making sales pitches to customers. The clients/customers have metamorphosed as well.

Now, telemarketing outsourcing is more about sales techniques, processes, and research of looking for updated ways to engage the leads and attract them to invest in products or services.

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a powerful tool for promoting products or services and boosting revenue. Based on the research, 78% of decision-makers takes an attended or appointment to an event because of a cold call or email. Outsourcing telemarketing service helps companies or businesses increase customer relationships with existing customers. The large-scale outsourced telemarketing, including:

  • Inbound customer service
  • Telesales outsourcing
  • Outbound research
  • Outbound lead generation

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Telemarketing service types

There are 4 main types of telemarketing services. Choosing the right approach is very essential. If you do it daily, it leads to the downfall of the business. Hence, understanding in detail is essential. Here are the types of telemarketing services:

  1. Inbound telemarketing. It refers to receiving incoming phone calls from customers generated through broadcast advertising. Broadcast advertising includes:
    1. email marketing
    2. social media

The marketing approach, to be more precise, is formed by the customer placing an order for the product/service they are interested in. For example, as a customer that came across an exciting winter sale ad on Facebook and knows more details about it. Thus, you must take the phone out and rings the number mentioned in the advertisement. The well-trained representative attends the call and gives the details of the sale or product or service and places the order.

  1. Outbound telemarketing. Inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing are opposite from each other. Agents in inbound telemarketing are the ones who create the telephone calls to potential customers or leads. Leads are the goal and the direct target to introduce the product or service to potential customers. The approach will demand the agents to have good product training and product knowledge to explain to the leads.

It is a proactive sales approach.

  1. B2B telemarketing.  It is for business-to-business transactions and is all about employing calling as a channel for selling purposes. Also, it is a practice to build linkage between 2 or more companies or businesses or can be selling products or services from one business to the other. B2B telemarketing is a strategy that helps find the right people to have customers and promote a brand. Direct the business to new opportunities, helping establish and develop credibility, among current and future clients or customers.
  1. B2C telemarketing. It focuses more on the client in contract to Business-to-Business or B2B. B2C telemarketers directly target the leads that show interest in a particular product/service.

If you are a business owner, which one do you think of the types of telemarketing works best?