Some Easy Energy-Saving Solutions for the Office

Most businesses would welcome the opportunity to save money on their energy bills, but many lack the resources to investigate potential adjustments that may be worth their while. Here are five simple techniques to save Smart Energy Connect in an office environment that anyone can immediately practice.


They also have a long life expectancy of 10 years or more, reducing the maintenance costs associated with changing light bulbs. While a comprehensive refit of your entire business facility may seem like a significant expenditure, it will pay for itself in less than two years and continue to save you money for the following eight years or more. Determine whether there are any business incentive programs in your area for switching to office energy saving options that might allow you to save money on the initial set-up costs of these systems.

Thermo-regulation and air conditioning

Take a look around you in the workplace. Is it more common for people to wear T-shirts in the winter than jackets and cardigans in the summer? This is a clear indication that your heat and cooling settings could benefit from being modified by a degree or two. Winter and summer temperatures should be no more than 19 degrees Celsius. According to statistics, turning down the heat by only one degree on the heating thermostat will save you up to 8% on your energy bills. Therefore it’s well worth it to lower the heat down just a little bit.

Smart Energy Connect

At night, turn off the lights.

Make sure that all office equipment is turned off at the end of the day, if at all possible. According to the Carbon Trust, a firm will incur a $60 annual cost for each computer left 24 hours a day. It is possible to lower that amount by 70% by turning off the computer at night and using standby mode while not in use during the day. Consider installing timers on essential office equipment, such as water coolers and photocopiers, to ensure that it automatically switches off at the end of each day.

Equipment that is energy efficient

When purchasing new equipment, consider how energy efficient it is. Always keep in mind that laptops can consume up to 90 percent less electricity than traditional computers. In comparison to laser printers, ink-jet printers consume 90 percent less electricity. Select the appropriate-sized copier for your needs and budget. Maintaining all office equipment in good working order will boost efficiency while also lowering energy use.

Sensors that detect movement are activated.

Remind employees that rooms that aren’t used regularly, such as conference rooms, restrooms, and storage areas, should have their lights turned off at the end of the day. Installing movement sensor switches that detect when a room is empty and turn off the lights automatically may be an option if this does not work.