Migrating to Australia From Singapore: All One Needs to Know

While the global scenario is still uncertain concerning the pandemic and its post-effects, life cannot stop or pause for too long – people are still travelling and even migrating to other nations for better job opportunities and other facilities for themselves and their families. While the pandemic had briefly delayed such plans, it soon had to be resumed for many; like those who are migrating to australia from singapore.

Such a faraway migration requires a lot of preparation and legal procedures to go through; especially since one is essentially crossing continents to change their address of residence. Not only are the laws far different and unique of both the nations, but so are their culture and customs. Anyone going through such a move needs to know about the documents they may require for it as well as what to expect during the whole procedure.


Most of the requirements to move into Australia boils down to one’s skills and the reason for migration to the said nation. As per the requirements, one must be working in a field of career that Australia allows and legalizes while also having work experience in the said field for a few years.

In case of any students or fresh recruits, they must be between the age of 25 to 45 years old for the migration and possess proper English speaking skills – almost as good as speaking it as a first language since Australia does not have any other speaking language than English. Furthermore, they should hold a diploma or any equivalent education certificate if pursuing higher education in Australia.


migrating to australia from singapore

Both moving and living costs would be initially higher since Australia is much pricier than Singapore; especially in the current economy as it is. The lifestyle one may wish to lead after migrating to Australia from Singapore also dictates a lot of the costs of such migration. The best way to calculate it is through extensive planning for each member who is moving to Australia.

Types of visas to apply for

There are various types of visas that the Australian government allow and approve of; however, given below are the more well-known and easier to acquire visas that one can opt for:

  • The skilled visa can only be applied by those who are migrating to Australia to fill in the positions for a shortage of a particular skill;
  • The family visa helps the family of any person who is a permanent resident in Australia to migrate to Australia permanently.
  • A student visa can be given to anyone aiming to pursue higher education in Australia. Such migrators can also potentially get a permanent resident status from the Australian government if they finish their studies here and start working after a few years.
  • The Business visa can let anyone with a pre-existing business in Australia stay there with their family during the course of their business. However, one cannot buy a business in Australia for the sake of this visa.

Thus, while dreams of moving away to a foreign country may seem beautiful, it is not as simple in real life; it is a slow and gruelling process but quite worth it in the end for the right reasons. Those aiming to move to Australia from Singapore may need to evaluate both their skills and living expenses for such a big move.