Ignition: The Best Software For All Of Your Business Needs

Businesses and organizations are expanding at a greater rate than ever before. With all the development a business might experience, it is easy to overlook the small details that form the foundation of any significant organization. When managing a firm, proposals, engagement letters, and integrations are sometimes treated as afterthoughts. But one of the worst errors is not giving these minor details the attention they merit. Thus, Ignition comes into play.

So what is Ignition exactly? Ignition is the world’s first professional services client engagement and commerce platform. Ignition alters the manner in which individuals conduct business, igniting long-lasting relationships by aligning professional service businesses and their clients from the outset.

How does Ignition function?

With Ignition, you can market your services, develop online proposals and engagement letters with ease, and manage billing and payments – all from one location. By making things simple for you and your clients, we assist you in establishing productive partnerships. By connecting you to an expert, you can obtain immediate results for the requested services.

Services offered by Ignition

Engagement Letters


Automated engagement letters outlining your services, pricing, billing frequency, and engagement terms will set the appropriate expectations. All in a single, easily-signable online proposal. Reduce your business risk by utilizing standard engagement terms that may be tailored to your client’s demands, thereby providing you and your clients with complete clarity regarding the scope of work.

Proposal Letters

Start client relationships off on the right foot with digital proposals that are quick to create, straightforward to deliver, and easy for clients to sign while on the road. Ignition’s proposal software aligns you and your clients from the very beginning. Create compelling online proposals that simplify conducting business together and payment collecting.

Business Integrations

Connecting your preferred applications to Ignition will allow you to automate your business processes. Save time and minimize admin, tiresome jobs and blunders. As soon as your client signs your proposal, automated actions are triggered. Connect your accounting ledger, practice management software, and other mission-critical applications to automate client onboarding and billing. Less time spent on administrative tasks means more time for what really matters.

Client Payments

Automated client payments make it easy to pay and get paid as soon as the client approves the proposal, eliminating the need for awkward conversations about money. No more client solicitation. When you need it, you can quickly access all of your clients’ billing information because it’s all in one location. You will always be in charge of upcoming client payments and bills.

Business Dashboard

With a complete view of your sales funnel, forthcoming client renewals, and projected revenue, you can rest assured that your business is on pace. The business dashboard provided by Ignition empowers you to make clear, confident decisions. Your sales pipeline, forthcoming customer renewals, and anticipated revenue are easily accessible.