How Does Commercial Property Management Platform Help Your Business?

A software, commercial property management software is referred to as a platform designed to help landlords and property managers manage their properties. It also refers to systems that property managers used to manage properties, from accounting to marketing. The software is similar to property management software designed as an all-in-one platform to help manage every aspect of the process.

But, in some cases, it is designed specifically for commercial property or offers features useful for commercial property managers. Some features may include multiple lease calculators and common area management.

Benefits and features

What features to expect from a commercial property management platform? Here are the features available in the software:

  • Tenant portal. It is a centralized all-tenant communication in a single dashboard. It allows online rent payments too.
  • Marketing tools. It has a list of units and properties, screen tenants, and grab lease templates.
  • Accounting. It accepts a variety of payment methods, manages multiple accounts from lease payments to deposits, and runs custom reports.
  • Maintenance. Start to create, edit, and track work orders. You can communicate with the tenants and vendors on those maintenance requests directed in the software.
  • Owner portal. You can have one central place, issues checks, and provide reports.

The overarching categories include countless other sub-features, such as scheduling, website setup, scheduling, and more. The excellent solution offers several benefits, such as:

  • Improve cash flow and tenant quality. High-quality tenant screening and auto-late fees help boost tent quality and enhance cash flow.
  • Save time to streamline maintenance issues. From tenant to maintenance, you can’t bounce between the multiple mediums communicating with vendors and tenants about maintenance issues.
  • Remove issues and headaches caused by accounting workarounds. There is no need to create each tenant and property as a customer. In property management software, every feature is designed with you, according to your plans.

A commercial property management solution helps eliminate the problems of overlooking various rental properties personally. The solution will help homeowners handle various aspects, such as property maintenance and rent, and financial management.

commercial property management software

Free property management software

You may create the following functions:

  • rental order
  • scheduling
  • delivering
  • invoicing

These are performed from one single view. Some real estate businesses are using this platform to help them have a well-managed and monitored property. Most businesses taking advantage of this platform are real estate businesses. The software is free, so you can easily manage your property conveniently.

Real-time overview

One of the most common problems of real estate businesses is how to overview the properties in real time. Today is the time of innovation. So, use the software to manage your properties in real time through the platform and maximize your revenues.

Use this fully integrated platform to manage a complete lifecycle of rental products. You can make things quick, easier, and faster with this platform.