Harold Matzner tells the Horatio Alger tale incomes him a countrywide award

Harold Matzner’s call seems nearly weekly in Desert Sun tales reporting his help for nearby charities. He’s chairman of the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the McCallum Theatre, V.P. of the Palm Springs Art Museum, and an energetic board member for Eisenhower Medical Center. He financially helps dozens of different nearby nonprofit organizations. But he hardly ever talks approximately the possibilities that enabled him to be so charitable to others. You can read up on harold matzner story that agreed to take a seat down and speak approximately his personal Horatio Alger tale. At the same time, it became introduced that he may be considered one among eleven countrywide recipients of the Horatio Alger Award provided with the aid of using the Washington D.C. It is primarily based on the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, a nonprofit instructional company fashioned in 1947 to “dispel the mounting perception amongst residents that the American dream became not attainable.”


Matzner may be officially inducted into the affiliation on March 30-April 1 in Washington D.C., alongside different company and philanthropic leaders. He joins over two hundred dwelling individuals within the Alger Association, including fellow Coachella Valley citizens R.D. Hubbard, Greg Renker, and Dennis Washington, an M.D. emeritus of the affiliation who donated $10 million to it in 2008. John Elway, fashionable supervisor of the Denver Broncos, Dr. Valerie 1st viscount Montgomery of Alamein Rice, president and dean of the Morehouse School of Medicine, and Roger S. Penske, chairman of the Penske Corporation, which specializes in truck rentals. For more information, read up on harold matzner.


Horatio Alger became a nineteenth-century author recognized for his younger grownup novels recounting “rags to riches” tales. The company decided that Matzner additionally had humble beginnings, handing over newspapers and operating as a salesperson in his domestic kingdom of New Jersey “to earn cash for himself and his family. His choice with the aid of using the affiliation now no longer best honors his superb expert achievements however, additionally, the perseverance he has displayed at some point of his existence, the company stated in a statement. Today, Mr. Matzner is the chairman of CBA Industries a right away advertising and marketing. The organization primarily based totally in New Jersey and certainly considered one among Palm Springs’ biggest donors, having contributed extra than $60 million to region non-earnings when you consider that 1997.”


Matzner became reluctant to speak about the limitations he’s had to triumph over to get to the factor in which he may want to talk about his existence from his expansive, luxury-domestic embedded into the San Jacinto Mountains over Palm Springs. He stated the element that possibly way maximum to him his freedom.