Different Strategies To Grow Your Social Media

Social media has played an integral role in the growth of many businesses, both large and small, around the world. As more and more people join social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the growth potential of your business can skyrocket with effective social media strategy implementation and execution. Here are different strategies form that can help you take your social media presence to the next level.

1) Automation

Automating your content is the best way to take care of all of the low-level tasks that come with running a social account. You’ll be able to focus on higher-level tasks like creating valuable content and interacting with followers. Tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Post Planner can help you automate content without having to do it manually every time.

social media strategy

2) Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be an expensive route, but if done correctly it can yield great results. The downside is that you have to pay for the advertisement up front. You may also want to put a limit on how many views or clicks the ad will receive before it expires. This way you don’t waste money on something that won’t work for you.

3) Influencer Marketing

If you are struggling with attracting followers, consider using an influencer marketing campaign. Influencer marketing is a strategy in which brands collaborate with social media users who have large followings and established credibility to deliver brand messages. The influencer typically posts about the product or service on their own page, then shares it with their own followers and fans. This allows the influencer’s followers to get real-time updates from someone they trust.

4) Creating Viral Content

The most effective way to grow your social media is by creating viral content. A good example of this is when the ice bucket challenge went viral. This campaign was able to generate $115 million in donations for ALS research and it was all because people wanted to be a part of the conversation. If you want to generate buzz around your brand, make sure you are offering something that people will want to share with their friends and family.

5) User-Generated Content

User-generated content is one of the most popular ways to engage an audience on social media. User-generated content can be anything from a photo, video, or opinion. The best way to make user-generated content is by getting people involved and having them post their own opinions or photos. One downside to this strategy is that you must have patience because not every post will get attention. In order for this strategy to work effectively, you need at least 500 followers in order for your posts to have a chance at being seen by more people.