Cornerstone Technologies Supply The Electrical Energy Systems

In the modern world, a new model invented a technology for rechargeable battery signified to the electric vehicles had the probability to make use of the same battery. In hongkong, the main service supplier in the EV charging station is Cornerstone Technologies and the partnership of Parking System Limited to contribute to a one-stop charging area.

The EV charging suppliers resolve to transform  a technological solution to produce huge, accessible EV home charger. The electrical energy system is set in motion by an electric motor. The difference is the internal engine, electric cars outright have no tiring discharges. It expands all the enclosed charging systems to promote the administration of car parks. Their charging system can reach the 200KW capacity for commercial cars and defend charge attachment against water.

What is the benefit of the charging system?

To access that entitles the two operatives and customers, the confusion of electrical energy, the well-founded chargers.

  • All exclusive solutions to the operative and customer have to understand
  • Friendly user, easy to use in charging the other commodities.
  • Sustain the creative for charging products and hassle-free.
  • Trusted partner and operating with governments, housing, and private enterprises clients to conduct electric vehicles.

ev charging suppliers

These are the list of chargers for your home and business.

  • The aloft.- A mobile app in one tap to power the cables in the entire design and charge.
  • The chargic- Reconceive that means for the smooth plain exterior.
  • The slate- Modernize the electrical vehicle. Install into your base or wall.
  • The flexidc or robust- For business EV charging stations. It can boost at 24, 50, to 200kw.The energy will be good for buses, trucks, and cars. It also backs up an accurate software system.
  • V2G- can turn your electric vehicle into a mobile battery storage unit, in turn potentially helping to power your home or office in an eco-friendly manner.

How to install the EV charger on your vehicle park wall?

To stimulate the charger connect to the inside network and put the software system to progress. The load management system assists to enhance your vehicle park and set up the charger always checked. As a commercial space mechanic, this is the idea to easily give power to your commercial transport. The robust FlexiDC can provide and install an electrical charger for charging systems. Apply EV hardware and software to improve your upcoming project to make your work time saving.