All You Need To Know About Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


The conventional environment for simultaneous interpretation is one in which all participants are physically present simultaneously. But because of technical development, remote simultaneous interpretation is now possible in a more creative approach. No issue wherever they are, distant translation enables all parties to convene and conduct conferences, training sessions, and activities online or by conference call.

Benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation

  • One benefit is that conference goers can easily listen to simultaneous interpretations on their cellphones while using WiFi or cellular internet.
  • Since kiosks and translator transfers are not required, space is saved, and convention explanation costs are lower.
  • The number of break rooms and languages that can be added, even on short notice, is without bounds. Instead, individuals who require interpretation receive it continuously, on demand, and via their own electronic devices.
  • When compared to conventional simultaneous professional interpreters, adopting remote simultaneous interpretation services leads to substantial cost reductions without reducing interpretation quality.

How Does RSI Function?

remote simultaneous interpretation

  • Through a reputable platform, RSI links participants in conferences and online meetings with remote interpreters. The following is how the RSI system links participants to a conference or web meeting.
  • Only one communication is spoken by a presenter or participant in a web meeting. The remote interpreter receives both the audio as well as the video.
  • On one‘s desktop, the remote interpreter can see and hear participants in a conference or web meeting. The discourse is then produced in a different language after he has interpreted what was stated.
  • A symposium attendee is unable to comprehend the author’s language. Instead, he listens to everything via a smartphone or computer app in his own speech. Live simultaneous interpretation is broadcast without interruption or decline in quality. It’ll all sound to the listener as if the interpreter were sitting right next to them in almost the same area.


Using the technologies, skilled translators may deliver remote interpretation to your audience in the real moment on their cellphone or another electrical gadget. Additionally, RSI functions flawlessly with Bluetooth receivers, headphones, and RF/IR devices. Conferences, small business meetings, lectures, workshops, discussion panels, webinars, and focus groups are just a few of the events that RSI works well for.

Planning events that require interpretation assistance is made simple by remote simultaneous interpretation. The number of languages that can be added, even at a moment’s notice, is limitless. The management of teams of technicians and translators on the field is not required of special event organizers. Instead, the interpreting service is provided to those who require it, when needed, and independently, in a smooth and nearly invisible manner.